Wine Vinegar

Minus 8
1/200 ML
Chefs, pastry chefs and mixologists around the world enhance their creations with Minus 8 vinegar in a variety of ways. With Minus 8, elevating your culinary and beverage creations in the most delicious way is made simpler. A few drops can expertly finish your dish and delight the palate.

Minus 8 is a family vineyard in Niagara, Canada. Our family has been growing grapes here for three generations. Minus 8 is also our first ice wine vinegar made in 1997 - named after the temperature at which the grapes were harvested and pressed. The vineyard sits on great soil between two Great Lakes, through freezing winters and hot, sunny summers. Meticulous farming, growing and picking shine through in the taste of the fruit. Chefs, pastry chefs and mixologists around the world enhance their creations with Minus 8 in a variety of ways. The best chefs, pastry chefs and mixologists give acidity a great deal of attention. With Minus 8 products, elevating your culinary and beverage creations in the most delicious way is made simpler for you. • Vegan, non-GMO and gluten free, contains no added preservatives, and is produced with environmentally sustainable farming practices. Minus 8 is ice wine vinegar named for the temperature at which the grapes are harvested and pressed. Icewine is made by picking grapes that are naturally frozen on the vine and pressing them while they are still frozen. The yield is very limited; the juice is rich, naturally sweet and full of flavour. Minus 8 is then barrel aged for many years and further aged in bottle. It will age well in unopened bottle for over a decade. Does not need to be refrigerated after opening. • Tasting Notes: Appearance: Deep dark amber colour Density: Quite thick, concentrated and viscous; it flows down the glass with a thick coating Aromas: Very complex, quite aromatic, with a forward notes of ripe tropical fruit, apple butter, Asian spice, a combination of dried and baked/stewed fruit (a mixed bag), vanilla, sandalwood/cedar, cocoa powder and nuances of toasted nut, madeira and cream sherry. Palate: Sweet, rich, concentrated flavours follow its aromatic profile, with additions of caramel, prune, plum, cooked sweet tree fruit; finish is amazingly long and persistent.

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SKU 164197
Package Type Pre-packaged
Brand Name Minus 8
upc 753182618852
Ingredients wine vinegar
5% Acetic Acid
Country Canada
Unit Size 1/200 ML
Dietary & Lifestyle GMO Free, Gluten Free, Vegan
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