The Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company was founded in 2000. It used to be a diary farm that started in 1959. For decades, the farm was known for making the highest quality, freshest Grade A milk. The family's herd of Holsteins were all raised from birth right on the property, giving the company complete quality control from start to finish. By the mid-1990's, Bob Giacomini, had grown the herd to over 500 cows, but a dairy of that size on a property of 720 acres was just too big, causing too much stress on the land environmentally, on the limited natural resources and on the small staff working the farm.

Bob and Dean Giacomini family have 4 daughters; and after pursuing various business careers, they came back to help reduce the size of the dairy and transition the business into an artisan farmstead cheesemaking facility. In August of 2000 the first wheels of Original Blue, California's only classic style blue cheese, were introduced.

At Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company, they believe that great cheese is made in the pastures. It's made in the natural grasses and cool ocean breezes. It's made by healthy, pampered and well-fed cows that are raised individually from birth. It's made by hand, by artisan craftspeople.

Some say they can taste it. The Pacific coastal fog that so often settles over and lightly salts the pastures of the Giacomini dairy. The crisp, pristine air. The lush rye grass. Clearly, it brings a healthy freshness to the cheeses made at Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company, under the meticulous guidance of Head Cheesemaker Kuba Hemmerling.

Point Reyes farmstead cheeses (Original Blue, Bay Blue and Toma), are farmstead cheeses, meaning everything, from milking the cows to aging, happens on the farm, located on a beautiful Northern California stretch of land has sustained the Giacomini family for going on 4 generations.


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