Fresh Pack

Fresh Pack offers an expansive collection of olives, antipasti, and freshly made dips. With a passion for quality, our team has traveled and sourced products from the best US and European producers. Our partners are small, family owned and operated farms and businesses to ensure that crops and ingredients are traceable from grove to table.

These olives and antipasti are free of preservatives, coloring, and additives. In addition, our all-natural line of products is never pasteurized. Fresh Pack grab-and-go olives and antipasti give you a convenient alternative to the traditional in store olive bar. Packed in a natural brine and sunflower oil, the Fresh Pack olives and antipasti maintain the shimmering appearance and firm bite you will only experience with a product of this caliber. A truly fresh packed product.

When it comes to entertaining, this line of fresh-made dips has kicked it up a notch to make sure you will enjoy the most flavor packed experience on the market. When formulating the recipes, the best ingredients were sought out and put to the test.

The Fresh Pack dips can be enjoyed both hot and cold, but we found we like them best with friends. From the creamy heat of the Jalapeno Popper to the classic buffalo wing zest of the Buffalo-Style Chicken, Fresh Pack dips are created with our customers eating experience taking center stage.


Fresh Pack

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