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For over half a century, Gourmet Foods International has maintained an unwavering passion for connecting consumers with the perfect specialty products from all over the world

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Gourmet Foods International

For over half a century, Gourmet Foods International has maintained an unwavering passion for connecting consumers with the perfect specialty products from all over the world

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Our Partners

2s Company Logo

2S Company

2s Company is an Australian based producer with a wide variety of crisps, seeded flatbreads, and wafer crackers. Their thin crispy texture is ideal for soft, smearable cheeses like Brie, Camembert, fresh goat cheese or blues and works equally well with mousse pate and cheese dips or spreads.
Antonina's Bakery Logo

Antonina's Bakery

Antonina’s Artisan Bakery’s mission of inclusivity began with family over 20 years ago. With her children suffering from food sensitivities, Antonina set out to create treats that they would love, and she could trust. These delcious muffins and baked goods are 100% Gluten-Free and Non-GMO.
Ava's Logo


Ava's Grilled Flatbread Crisps are a truly unique snacking experience. Each variety is handcrafted and fire grilled to perfection to ensure the best flavor in every bite. With a sturdy texture and balanced seasoning the crisps can hold up to any dip, soup, or recipe you can toss at them.
BelGioioso Logo


The BelGioioso story began over a century ago when the great-grandfather of BelGioioso President, Errico Auricchio, founded a cheese company based on a philosophy of excellence. In 1979, Errico moved his family from Italy to America with the goal of continuing his great-grandfather’s legacy. He wanted to craft the best Italian cheeses in the United States.
Bella Maria Logo

Bella Maria

Bella Maria sources only the highest quality products offering a variety of authentic specialty nuts and tortas imported from Spain. Each product is hand selected and guaranteed to represent the true flavors of these traditional Spanish items.
Boulangerie 255 Logo

Boulangerie 255

With a recipe that dates back to the Middle Ages, brioche is a crowd favorite and one of the most popular breads among consumers. There is good reason for this. Brioche is a butter and egg heavy bread with a dense yet soft texture and semi-sweet flavor profile. In the creation of this line of brioche products, Boulangerie 255 worked closely with bakers to perfect the recipe and ensure that every bun or loaf bought was made with the most care and highest quality ingredients.
Brimstone Originals Logo

Brimstone Originals

In December 2001, Eileen O’Hara shared her Habanero Pepper Jelly with family and friends. In June 2002, motivated by enthusiasm for her flavorful hot jelly, Eileen and her family named their fledgling company Brimstone Originals. That same month, they took Mason jars of the Habanero Pepper Jelly to a local pepper festival in Clearwater, Florida. Despite monsoon-like weather the entire weekend, diehard “pepper heads” couldn’t get enough of Eileen’s extraordinarily hot jelly. 
Busseto Logo


Creminelli Logo


Creminelli Fine Meats follow the artisan traditions of the Creminelli family. Flavor and texture are their trusted guides when sourcing raw materials. Only all natural and organic ingredients are used as well as heritage meats that are humanely raised without antibiotics and with vegetarian feed. This dedication to excellence shows in every bite.
Daneko Logo


DaneKo's world renowned cheeses are all traditionally made with non-GMO Danish cow’s milk, that offer a true taste of Danish cheese making traditions. Their handcrafted line of Harvarti is available in a wide array of flavors including herb, jalapeno, and dill. In addition to these delicious flavor options, Daneko also offers the robust Danish Blue.


Effie's Logo

Effie's Homemade

It all began with an Oatcake back in Nova Scotia, where the original biscuit was known as an oatcake. Effie MacLellan learned a generations-old, family farmhouse recipe that she carried to her new home in Dorchester, Massachusetts. Oatcakes were a staple in Effie's pantry, always on hand should friends or family drop by. Whenever she was baking, word spread quickly, and soon the neighborhood kids would come running for oatcakes, still warm, carefully wrapped in a napkin and ready for sharing
Fermin Logo


Started in 1956 by Fermin Martin and his wife Victoriana Gomes, Fermin has become world renowned for their fantastic Iberico hams. Using traditional methods to raise and cure the best Iberico pigs in La Alberca, they have perfected a centuries old craft passed down from generation to generation. A unique, hands on artisan method that was born from necessity has given way to the ultimate luxury. The pigs are raised to finish their raising feeding on only wild foraged acorns from the mountainous forests in Spain, which gives these hams an otherworldly divine flavor and a deep red hue.

Fine Cheese Co

Fresh Pack Logo

Fresh Pack

Fresh Pack offers an expansive collection of olives, antipasti, and freshly made dips. With a passion for quality, our team has traveled and sourced products from the best US and European producers. Our partners are small, family owned and operated farms and businesses to ensure that crops and ingredients are traceable from grove to table.

Fromage Ami

Fromage Ami accompaniments are the perfect spreads and jams to go with cheese!

Fromager d’ Affinois

Genius Logo


These incredible breads  and wraps bridge the gap between "tastes good" and "good for you".  Eliminating barriers that cause people to reduce bread intake (like gluten, sugar, and artificial preservatives) and adding functional health benefits that support a healthy immune system is the name of the game. 
Henri Hutin Logo

Henri Hutin

Henri Hutin's fantastic cheeses are made using premium milk from cows in the Lorraine Valley in northeastern France. Henri Hutin's ingredients are simple: pasteurized cow's milk, cream, salt, cultures, ripening molds, and rennet. The milk that goes into Belletoile is non-GMO certified and comes from hormone-free cows, ensuring the highest quality product. Because the rind that protects the cheese while it ripens,
Hummus Chick Logo

Hummus Chick

The Hummus Chick was founded by Java Hemmat, born to Perisan parents in the UAE, where her world was shaped by vibrant cultures and unique cuisines from around the world. As many immigrants Java missed foods from her childhood, and she fell in love with cooking and recreating food experiences that brought communities together. Her passion to cook for friends grew into a business that allowed her to share that love of food and flavors with others and voila, Hummus Chick was created.
Idyll Farms Logo

Idyll Farms

Idyll Farms is an award winning dairy in northern Michigan, where their goats graze about 200 acres of Leelanau Peninsula lush grasses, trees, leaves, brush and wildflowers. Blessed with abundant snow and rain and proximity to Lake Michigan, which creates rich, fertile soil and pastures.
Jose Andreas Foods Logo

Jose Andres

As a chef, Jose Andres believes that food always tells a story, and he loves to tell the story of his native Spain: a small country with a big personality. From the simplest ingredients we can create surprising flavors - and memorable meals. For years and years the people of Spain have been using the goodness of the earth and sea to produce incredible, healthy foods that feed the soul and amaze the sense. In Spain, food is a celebration of life.
Kryssos Logo


Opa! With recipes as ancient as the history of Greece, our mission is to capture the authentic flavors that make Mediterranean cuisine so delicious and timeless. We offer an extensive line up of Mediterranean morsels such as Fetas, Olives, Flatbreads and Cheeses. With stringent section processes, we select only the finest products to call the Kryssos name.
La Bonne Vie Logo

La Bonne Vie

Every item in the La Bonne Vie family is made using traditional French methods and is rigorously evaluated and taste tested on a regular basis. Living the good life has never been easier. Enjoy the cheeses with fruit, crackers, or crusty breads.

Meredith Dairy

Mt Vikos

New Bridge Cheese Logo

New Bridge

Classic American favorites for every table! With a fresh, new modern branding and a vintage American style, New Bridge Cheese explores the taste of home from our line of cheeses – deli cuts, flavored infusions, spreads, slices, cubes, as well as bulk offerings – great flavors to enjoy every day.
Old Spaghetti Factory Logo

Old Spaghetti Factory

The Old Spaghetti Factory was founded in 1969 by Guss and Sally Dussin, we’re still family owned and operated. The original Old Spaghetti Factory trolley car was found in a field near Reed College in Portland, OR. We refurbished the car and began using it as a unique dining area for guests at our first location. Our Spaghetti with Mizithra Cheese and Browned Butter is an old Dussin family recipe that almost never made it on the menu. And to this day, it’s the most popular dish on our menu.
Olli Logo

Olli Salumeria

Point Reyes Logo

Point Reyes

At Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company, they believe that great cheese is made in the pastures. It's made in the natural grasses and cool ocean breezes. It's made by healthy, pampered and well-fed cows that are raised individually from birth. It's made by hand, by artisan craftspeople.
Ponce De Leon Logo

Ponce de Leon

Ponce de León imports classic Spanish staples that include Manchego, Mahon, Idiazabal, and both fig and quince pastes. Our new flavor infused cheeses are rubbed with chilies, soaked in wine, or infused with truffles to ensure that every bite is loaded with flavor. In addition to our flavored cheeses and Spanish classics, Ponce de Leon provides easy to serve sliced cheese trays and pastes that are ready to eat. 
Queso-Melt Logo


Queso-Melt began with a customer request for an authentic Mexican-style cheese dip. Queso-Melt dips and blocks are the answer to enjoying a restaurant favorite at home. Queso-Melt was the first of its kind on the market in 1996. Only premium, gluten-free products are used to create this mouth watering dip.
Salumi Italiani Logo

Salumi Italiani

Salumi Italiani has one goal in mind, to bring you the freshest authentic cured meats. Salumi products are made in both the US and Italy and sliced fresh to order by dedicated team. We offer an assortment of charcuterie including classics like Calabrese and Milano, as well as Mortadella and everyone's favorite Prosciutto.
Soupergirl Logo


Spotted Trotter Logo

Spotted Trotter

Statesboro Logo


Statesboro Blue starts with high quality raw milk and age each wheel a minimum of 60 days real in limestone caves, allowing the cheese to mature in perfect conditions. The nuances created by using raw milk and a natural aging process give Statesboro Blues the bold piquant flavor profile that keeps bringing our consumers back for more.
Sweet Grass Dairy Logo

Sweet Grass Dairy

Sweet Grass Dairy produces a variety of aged, soft-ripened, and fresh cow's milk cheeses, all developed to showcase this quality. They are known for the award-winning, double cream Green Hill and semi-soft Thomasville Tomme cheeses and their Pimento spread, with a unique twist on a Southern classic, has also garnered a cult following.
The Bake Shed Logo

The Bake Shed

The Bake Shed was started by a young entrepreneur Will Rhys-Davies at only 21 years of age, when he set out to create Brownies that would put to shame the dry, flavor lacking examples he found in his hometown of Cardiff and the UK. Nearly ten years later, he has found the perfect recipe that holds up to travel, reheating, and stays perfectly moist and delectable. All The Bake Shed products are Gluten Free, and most are made with Plant Based milk!
Van Kaas Logo

Van Kaas

From the land of windmills, wooden clogs, and tulip fields we welcome you to also explore the amazing cheeses that Van Kaas has to offer – Dutch classics such as Gouda and Edam that are aged to perfection and made with a variety of milk types. Van Kaas cheeses are made with tried-and-true cheese making processes because traditional methods result in truly authentic cheeses.
Wyngaard Logo

Wijngaard Kaas

The cheese of the Wijngaard family are made from milk from grass-fed cows. Cows fed on fresh grass give milder and better milk and cheese made from this milk ripens better. Milk supply of this type of milk is limited, since summers are not that long in Holland. The cheese is ripened in historic, custom-built cheese cellars in the historic town of Woerden. It is the unique micro-climate in these cellars, with fluctuating temperature and humidity, that influences the flavor of the cheese greatly.
Will Studd Logo

Will Studd

Will Studd selected cheese: The philosophy behind Will Studd's special selection of cheeses is simple – the finest provenance, texture, aroma, and flavor. Will and his children Ellie and Sam are dedicated to celebrating traditional artisan cheesemaking methods, and the ‘Selected by Will Studd’ symbol is a guarantee of quality and excellence.
Buf Logo


BUF Creamery is the first and only Non-GMO certified creamery in the World and they are proud of it. In 2009 BUF built a factory, specifically designed to process buffalo milk. BUF Mozzarella di Bufala's delicious taste and rich creamy flavor will make this your new favorite.

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