Coppa Italiana Sliced

Salumi Italiani
10/4 OZ
Salumi Italiani is produced in Italy and sliced in the US. Our Coppa has a delicate texture and a flavor that pairs well with grilled vegetables, warm crusty bread, mustards, and your favorite red wine.

Salumi Italiani offers both domestic and Imported high quality cured meats. This authentic Coppa is slow-cured in the Piacenza region, following rigorously the ancient working method: dry salting, addition of a few spices and prolonged natural air-curing. The Coppa is then sliced and packed in an USDA inspected facility and packaged in MAP trays. Since this product is sliced in the US, our customers are ensured the freshest quality product with an excellent shelf life. Coppa has a delicate texture and a flavor profile that can range from mildy spicy and sweet to hot and robust. These attributes make it a popular choice for classic Italian sandwiches. The carefully slow aging process produces a finished product that can be sliced thin with ease and melts on your tongue as you enjoy it. Try our coppa with grilled vegitables, warm crusty bread, mustards, and your favorite red wine.

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SKU 60033
Package Type Pre-packaged
Brand Name Salumi Italiani
upc 820581805913
Ingredients Pork, salt dextrose, spices, sodium ascorbate, natural flavor, sodium nitrite, potassium nitrate.
Country Italy
Unit Size 10/4 OZ
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