Fromager d’ Affinois
1/2.2 LB
Delicate sheep's milk flavor combined with the smoothness of a double cream cheese. Ultrafiltration: one-of-a-king cheese making process. Unique cheese made by Guilloteau dairy. French cheese.

Local product made in the French Rhône Alpes region from local sheep's milk. A double cream soft-ripened cheese specialty, distinguished by its delicate taste of sheep's milk, cream, and incomparable melt-in-mouth texture ! Its bloomy, vevelty, white thin rind surrounds a seductively soft interior and its mild & buttery flavor features a hint of sweetness. Specific nutritional qualities: more phosphorus and protein compared to other soft cheeses thanks to the ultrafiltration process* Suitable for vegetarian (microbial enzymes). *The Fromager d’Affinois cheese is made from a unique making process: the ultrafiltration. The pasteurized milk is directly filtered through very thin membranes that will separate the pre-cheese from the water. Aim is to remove surplus water from the milk while at the same time retaining the nutrients and minerals (protein, fat content, calcium, etc.). This stage replaces the draining phase traditionally used in cheese-making. The rennet is then added directly in the pre-cheese. This unique process replaces the traditional draining phase and retains more nutriments in the final cheese. It is one of a kind cheese making process that no other dairy has been able to reproduce so far. Guilloteau dairy was created by Jean-Claude Guilloteau in 1981. 3 French production sites. Wide range of soft cheeses with various flavor profiles. Cow/goat/sheep’s milks, light/double/triple cream, flavored, blue: everyone will find a cheese to taste. USPs: a very thin rind, a smooth and consistent texture, a delicately characteristic taste.

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SKU 46
Package Type Bulk
Brand Name Fromager d’ Affinois
Cheese Variety Brie
Ingredients Sheep's milk, Salt, Cheese cultures, Microbial enzymes
Milk Source Sheep
Unit Size 1/2.2 LB
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