Echirre Plaquette Unsalted Butter

20/8.8 OZ
Extra fine PDO butter. Flavors of hazelnut and fin taste of cream. Excellence butter selected by international palaces and great restaurants. Churned butter.

Pasteurized unsalted churned butter, extra fine Protected Designation of Origin from Charentes-Poitou (the oldest PDO butter, recognized since 1979).  This exceptional butter is made only from cream from milk collected within 18.6 yd around Echire dairy. Charentes-Poitou butter is made using a technique which dates back for generations: the cream is ripened biologically. This means that although modern equipment is used, the process is allowed to take its time, as it would have been done in the past. The cream is cultured with lactic cultures for 15 hours. This phase gives Charentes- Poitou butter its delicate flavor and its fine, creamy texture. Appearance : Color is pale yellow Taste : Fine taste of cream with a slight hazelnut flavor Texture : Fine and malleable 2015 gold medal & 2017 bronze medal at the Concours General Agricole from Paris The Echire butter has been selected in 2015 for the Excellence Française award (created in 2009 to honour companies wich contribute towards the promotion of France throughout the globe by their expertise, creativity and innovative nature). Echiré is part of the Cooperative Laitière de la Sèvre since 1891, a coop run by 115 cow and goat’s milk producers. Producing Excellence AOP/ PDO* butter from Charentes-Poitou since 1891. International brand with a very local milk collect: no further than 30km / 18.6 yd around the dairy. Medium butter production (1900 tons) with a rigorous quality requirement. Superior IFS certification. Cream matured for 18 hours at least inside slow-paced churns. Renowned clients: Elysée Palace, England Court Table, Prince de Monaco’s table, Harrods… Échiré shops in Tokyo & Osaka promoting pastries & viennoiseries made exclusively from Échiré butter. PDO means Protected Designation of Origin. It stands for a product which the principal steps of production are following a well-established technique within a specific geographical area, which gives the product its characteristics. The products must follow strict specifications to be allowed to bear the PDO logo

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SKU 250031
Package Type Pre-packaged
Brand Name Echire
Ingredients Pasteurized cream from cow's milk, salt 2% maxi, lactic starters
Unit Size 20/8.8 OZ
Dietary & Lifestyle GMO Free
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