Ava's Grilled Flatbread Crisps are a truly unique snacking experience. Each variety is handcrafted and fire grilled to perfection to ensure the best flavor in every bite. With a sturdy texture and balanced seasoning the crisps can hold up to any dip, soup, or recipe you can toss at them. They are the 'perfect for any occasion' snack that will leave you craving more.

These Ava crisps come in 4 flavors:
Simply Salted - tried and true Original Crispy and fire roasted, lightly sprinkles with sea salt while they are still warm from the grill. A blank canvas of snacking possibilities.
Italian Spice - loaded with Italian flavor and a crunch that will bring everyone to the table. Try them on the side of your next soup or toss them in the mix with your next garden salad.
Smoky Gouda Garlic – we had you at Gouda and Garlic. The Original crisps got a smoky makeover after a light dust with real smoked Gouda and a touch of garlic. A bold savory crunch.
Red Chili Lime – a crisp with a little heat. The original crisp received a generous coating of red chili and lime for a citrusy punch to your senses.

Ditch the corn chips and load up your next plate of nachos with these flavorful grilled flatbread crisps.



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